Ownership Structure

Share ownership structure

The ownership of Trustfund Pensions Limited is diversified and reflects various interests, which include the representative bodies of Nigerian workers, employers, and financial institutional investors from the private sector.

Capital Base

The authorized share capital of Trustfund Pensions Limited is N2 billion with N1.98 billion shareholders’ funds unimpaired by losses, which far exceeds the new minimum requirement of N1 billion shareholders’ fund as mandated by PenCom.

This is an indication of Trustfund’s financial strength, commitment and belief in our business, foresight and unshaken stability in the future



Trustfund Pensions Limited is an off-shoot of the oldest pension fund institution in Nigeria, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), which has been in the business of pension funds management for over 40 years. Pensioners who retired under the National Provident Fund (NPF) scheme of 1961 and the NSITF scheme of 1993 are some of the pensioners on the monthly pension payroll of Trustfund.Our experience is unrivalled and conveys the requisite stability, confidence and Trust required in the management of long term savings scheme. This means upon retirement and at a time when members most need their retirement savings, Trustfund Pensions Limited can be counted upon to be there for them.

Branch Network and Service Center

Trustfund Pensions Limited can be accessed in several locations across Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja,where its Head Office is located.

This comprises of 14 branches and 31 service centres.Our extensive network ensures that we are close to our members and attend to their needs personally, make remittance of their contributions easy, and collection of their pensions very convenient.


Information Technology Network & Communications

Trustfund’s operates seamless on-line real time transaction mode.In order to provide unparalled and value added services anytime and anywhere, we are leveraging on a cutting edge technology, Fund Fusion Pensions, being deployed by Covenant Visions International Limited, which is one of the foremost information Technology platforms known in the pension funds industry in Nigeria, while our hardware is supported by HP.Without barriers of time and location, our expansive network and information & communication technology infrastructure ensure you are always in touch with us and provide 24/7 round the clock service and on-line access to your account information through the internet,24/7 call center and several service centers.ATMs and other communication facilities would also be provided in due course.


Board and Management Profile

The Board of Trustfund is drawn from NSITF, Chapelhill Denham Management Ltd, NLC, NECA, and TUC, The Directors are persons with the experience, expertise and have earned public confidence in their various spheres of influence.

The Management Staff provide the blend of skills, service, experience and professionalism required in the management of funds held in trust for employees.

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